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    Local Shipping ( Inside Oman) :

    You have Three options to receive your shipment inside Oman. You can edit your shipment details on your Account Profile under Account Details Section.


    Option 1 : National Transportation (Mwasalat) - 2 Omani Rial 

    We would only ship to the nearest office next to your location  as you selected in your Account Profile under Account Details section. Here are the offices details in Oman  with their contact.

    1. Head Office- Azaiba
    2. Ruwi Office - 24701294
    3. Burj Al Sahwa Office -24510438
    4. Sur Office-25540019
    5. Sohar office-26841772
    6. Al Buraimi Office-25652424
    7. Ibri Office
    8. Nizwa- Firq Office
    9. Salalah Office -23292773
    10. Dubai Office

    More information about the location of these offices are at : http://mwasalat.om/en-us/


    Option 2: Oman Postal Office- 2 Omani Rial

    If you need your shipping to be send through Oman Postal , then enter   your Postal Code and  Enter your Box Code "if you Have one"  in your Account Details Section in "Address 1" Field . Example: Box: 927 


    Option3 : Home delivery - 5 Omani Rial

    If you chose this option, please enter your full address details with  your contact number .

    International Shipping

    Shipping is available  for to GCC countries.

    International to come soon...